2 Horses Die at Britain’s Grand National 2011 [updated 4/10/2011]

Posted on April 9, 2011

Britain’s most famous horse race, the Grand National, was given broad press when the late Elizabeth Taylor starred in National Velvet at the age of 12.  But this isn’t just any horse race.  For openers, it is not on the flat.  It is what is alternatively called a “steeplechase” or “hunt race.”  It is a race over obstacles.

We have hunt races in this country – there is one held annually near my little village.  If you  love the horse then this is not the race to watch because so many have been put down from injuries suffered on the course.  Some jumps are more difficult than others and even after several fatalities, not much is done to make them less dangerous. It is part of the “sport” as it were – the challenge and men and horses are called “brave” in facing them.

2 horses perished in this year’s Grand National.  Here are the haunting pictures of what we demand of our horses and riders in some races from the Daily Mail.

By the way, a horse called Ballabriggs won the race but I really could care less due to the high cost of it.  The power of money.  It talks; horses die.

Look at the above picture.  The full weight of those horses is brought down on two skinny legs with small hooves and hocks.  They are bred for speed, not endurance.  In fact the winner had to be given Oxygen following the race.

Of course animal activists have sought to put and end to this kind of race and I would agree with them unless the course is altered.  This should not be a matter of “bravery” for modified  in these times to reflect our maturity as an animal species ourselves in respecting the limits of other mammals.


The Daily Mail is running with headlline:

BBC in Grand National ‘cover-up’: Two horses lie dead… but fury erupts as TV commentator refers to them as just ‘obstacles