OBAMA Has The Bit in His Teeth for Budget Battle Race to 2012

Posted on April 11, 2011

The Obama shaft for Republicans

There he was last weekend at the monument to the first President of the United States – the Obelisk in the Mall – giving Republicans the shaft.  A folksy, foxy Obama casually schmoozing  with vacationing voters about the budget deal and instructing them about  how wonderful it was before they could voice their own views.

The meaning behind his carefully chosen words was clear: I tell thee  tourists, thanks to me, the coming together of opposites in America that I your prophet President foretold in my change sermons of the campaign, has caused this coming together that has kept the parks open when you need them.  And of course it was I who descended like a God from the cloud to push the deal through.  Shucks, I gave up my 2 day vacation in nearby Virginia to do this.

Now it’s on to the real deal.  He has prepared another sermon to be delivered to the masses Wednesday.  He has made no secret of the fact that he will consider tackling the sacred cows of Medicare and Medicaid and other entitlements. There will be other austerity measures too numerous to mention in the preview. Perhaps lobster will have to be removed from the White House menu.  Definitely it is time for more shots of Bo and the kids and of him out for ice cream.

This media savvy snake has slithered his way to the top of the mountain of presidential candidates and is using the bully pulpit very effectively.  Can the Republicans come up with his equal in the media?  Not unless they get their geography straight [Bachmann] and put the gun down and stop reloading like Annie Oakley [Palin].  Like Obama, Palin knows how to play the media game so don’t count her out.  And of course something has to be done about Trump. He can’t get legislation passed and his birther bit is wasting time and money on an issue that will not save the country now.  Win the election and then launch a Federal investigation.

And in this critical budget arena, we had better hear from the other men of the GOP who would be king.   Sit this one out and you will be remembered for what you did not say at this critical juncture.

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