Donald Trump: Big Mouth, Big Businessman, but Apparently Honest

Posted on April 14, 2011

Think about it. There has never been any sex scandal involving Donald Trump.  He has married most of his lovers.  And actually he has only been married three times.  Ivana, his iconic first wife and Marla Maples, his stage-struck second wife, remain on good terms with him and he remains a good father to all of his children by them and his son by his current wife.  It is one big happy family.

Although they grew up with many privileges, Eric says the Trump children learned not to take it for granted. “My father is amazing,” he says. “He put us in the best schools, but he made us work. There was no free time in the Trump family. We either studied or we worked.” [Oprah]

While the Donald has filed for bankruptcy on more than one occasion, still he has managed to hire financiers to oversee the proceedings and other of his mega deals and no undercover stories have been written about how he milked the system or gave payoffs to anyone. [NY Times]

Donald Trump is essentially a promoter from promoter’s ville with good looks, winning ways and wiles to sustain him.  He just can’t help himself.  He has to be successful or else.  Two of his children now work with him in the Trump organization and they, too, are hard-working and good-looking.  It’s the hard-working that is most admirable.  As his daughter Ivanka said once, being his daughter opened the door but that was about the extent of her advantage.

Not everything he has touched has turned to gold but that which has turned a profit and has not only been successful but memorable and, well, a bit glitzy.  He either does a larger than anybody’s casino or a no one else could have bought this land deal in Scotland for a new golf course.  This is how he continues to be “memorable” long after his star should have faded.

But what is he really?  A great businessman?  A great showman? A celebrity? Well one thing he is people do not credit to  him – his genuineness.  He is what he is.  Brash and outspoken – he rides the line.  His remarks are often this side of incendiary, racist, untrue or nonsense. But everything he does fills Americans with pride. The Donald is this country’s prime example of the American dream fulfilled.  And, after all, Donald has shared his secrets in books like The Art of the Deal.

The more people look at the anemic personalities of those who are or will be running in the Republican primaries, the Donald looks better and better.  And  you have to admire his bravura.  If he sees that he will not have an abundance of support from the Republican Party, he will run as an independent.  Yes, Donald has, so far, made a successful transition from the art of the business deal to the art of the Political deal.

So we should believe the Donald when he says he really loves this country and can’t bear to see it in the trouble it is in at this time.  This country has been good to him and he knows it.  About the only coverup he has engaged in has been his comb over.  Hey, DT, how about an implant?  You just can’t go to Buckingham Palace with that dippy do.  It’s the only un-presidential thing about you – that and your sexy wife.  But on balance you may be just the man we have been hoping would ride in on a white steed and save the day.  Let’s give him a chance and his horse some water.  If he can run the Trump Organization and maintain a fairly decent media persona for all of these decades, he might just do us some good here at  home and abroad.

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