Future of Obamacare? In Britain Overworked Nurses Prop Up NHS

Posted on April 14, 2011

Unions in Britain are reporting that overworked nurses are propping up Britain’s National Healthcare System (NHS).

Nurses are “propping up” the NHS by repeatedly working more hours than contracted and providing last-minute shift cover, a union has claimed.


RCN Scotland said it was worrying if some nurses felt they did not have enough staff to deliver quality care. The union warned that patient safety could be compromised as a result.

The union’s director in Scotland, Theresa Fyffe, said: “The health and well-being of NHS staff is a major concern. If they become overstretched and stressed because they or colleagues are ill, there is a risk that poor practice can emerge. [BBC]

The old saying rings true: you get “what you pay for.”

This could be the future we will see for Obamacare if cutbacks are carried out. In Canada, the headlines read:

Overworked Nurses Causing Medication Errors

Nurses who worked in hospitals that were understaffed, had inadequate medical resources and who had high rates of overtime were most likely to report that patients had been the victims of medication mistakes.

Nurses Stretched to the Limit:

Statistics Canada released a report today that says nurses working overtime or where staffing and resources were stretched were more likely to report a patient had received the wrong medication or dosage.[APM  Law – A law firm]

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