Italian Journalist Murdered by Jihadist Group Trying to Provoke West and Gain Recruits

Posted on April 15, 2011

In war, we should remember that there will be groups that want to further inflame through their atrocious acts rather that help with a peace process. It has happened in Gaza. An al Qeada -linked group, Salfani, that had no intent of ever releasing him, kidnapped and killed an Italian activist for peace and the Palestinian push to equality. The group wants all Christians banished from Palestine as well. Is this a mirror to what seems to be happening in Egypt?  Perhaps, although with some differences that will only emerge if the jihadists assume power and we can better grasp their policies full-blown and fully exposed.

Meanwhile, it will not help to overreact to the images and acts this group want publicized in the west.

The body of [the] Italian pro-Palestine activist, who was abducted by an Al Qaeda-linked Jihadist group, has been discovered in an abandoned house on the Gaza Strip.

A Hamas official said Vittorio Arrigoni had been ‘strangled’ following his abduction by the Jihadist Salafi group. An Italian news agency have since reported he had been ‘hanged’.

Two men have been arrested and others are being sought.

The Hamas spokesman said: ‘A security force entered a house and they found the Italian man’s body, he is dead.’

Peace activist: Vittorio Arrigoni - bloodied and bound - in a screengrab from the Jihadist's YouTube video[Above]Peace activist: Vittorio Arrigoni – bloodied and bound – in a screengrab from the Jihadist’s YouTube video

Arrigoni, who was 36, was a pacifist and freelance journalist. He had lived in Gaza since August 2008 after arriving on a boat bringing humanitarian supplies.

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