British “Taliban” Target Women and Gays to Impose Sharia in Britain

Posted on April 17, 2011

A struggle thought contained to Afghanistan and other parts of the Muslim world has come to Britain.  Forget about the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, turn your gaze to Europe and the “Islamization” process going on in the heart of the Western World.

Emboldened by their growing numbers and unstoppable immigration, and confident in the power of democratic systems, many Muslim groups are flexing their muscle to impose Sharia utilizing the freedoms guaranteed under the laws of the host countries.

Women who do not wear headscarves are being threatened with violence and even death by Islamic extremists intent on imposing sharia law on parts of Britain, it was claimed today.

Other targets of the ‘Talibanesque thugs’, being investigated by police in the Tower Hamlets area of London, include homosexuals.

Stickers have been plastered on public walls stating: ‘Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment’.

How they want to see women: Talibanesque thugs have been threatening women including non-Muslims with violence for not wearing a headscarf .

Other side of the veil: burka-wearing women interviewed:

The Sunday Telegraph decided to do something which virtually nobody involved in the debate, either here or across the Channel, seems to have bothered with – talk to people wearing the niqab and ask them why they do it. The answers may surprise you.

The vast majority of the twenty women I approached on the streets of Tower Hamlets, London’s main Muslim area, were more than happy to talk to a non-Muslim man – in several cases, the problem was shutting them up. Most were not stereotypically repressed or un-Westernised, but young and articulate.

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