“Up Close and Personal” – Profiling the Royals as If They Are Olympic Competitors

Posted on April 18, 2011

There’s a lot of the Olympics in the preparation of the public for the April 29th Royal Wedding in London.  When CBS covered the Olympics, they undertook the task of making the public connect and get behind unknown competitors through a series of background segments on the sports men and women called “Up Close and Personal.”  As the
Wedding draws closer, some media outlets are undertaking similar efforts.

Today the Telegraph had a photographic essay “Who’s Who in the Royal Family” kicked off with the bejeweled picture below of the Queen and Prince Philip that reminds one of a Medieval tapestry.

Westminster Abbey knows how to get sales. They have a wonderful gift shop that has entrapped SamHenry and others.  I know the Abbey so well, I no longer go to the sanctuary, just the shop, thanks.  And now comes word a 3D virtual tour of the wedding venue will be released for Droid and iPhones just prior to the wedding – a must have n’est-ce pas?

Tough time to launch a new model VW bug but it has come out in the middle of all of this.  The ad features one in wedding white.  It has a more flattened roof to compete with the ubiquitous Mini that has captured the hearts and pocketbooks of design conscious Americans.

Time for SamHenry to slip on to eBay and sell the old Diana wedding tea-towel.  You will remember that when Diana wanted to back out one of her sisters told her “too late now; your picture’s on the tea towels.”  Yes, I love it but I think I’d like to travel rather than look upon it exclusively for the rest of my life.

Their Royal Highnesses Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (Telegraph)