HELLO AMERICA ? Remember WWII and the Fun We Had? We Need You Again

Posted on April 19, 2011

And now the Europeans want boots on the ground in Libya.  The insurgents or whatever they are called in this war are not happy with NATO air cover.  The European response is of course to try to give them everything they want.  Perhaps if their own people were there?  Of course they wouldn’t directly respond to enemy incoming – oh no.  “They’re going in to cook meals and change beds and do laundry.

With 600 dead in the seige of Misrata, thousands wounded and countless other taking to the sea in boats to land later in Europe, it is a disaster in the making – Gadafi’s making.  Not since Fidel Castro opened the prisons in Cuba producing the “Mariel” boat people who migrated to the US have so many been pushed to leave their homeland by a wily dictator.

If we join Europe in executing this enterprise, let’s be clear.  We will be protecting the EU against the economic nightmare of caring for thousands of displaced people via food and medical care, housing and jobs.  At the moment, Africa is not waging the battle of Britain tossing bombs from aircraft.

Of course we have been in on this move.  Obama has learned the diplomatic art of putting his words in the mouths of other heads of state.  With the S & P predicting a fiscal meltdown in the US, best not to appear to spend more money, eh?  Donald Trump needs to learn to be this new kind of chief executive.  He’s right out front of this boots of the ground movement shouting “grab the oil fields; grab the oil fields.”  And all this time we thought the Donald was eying Libya as the site of his next golf course.

Next up, Europe and America on the ground in the Ivory Coast.  By this time it won’t matter what the excuse may be, we have to go in.  We will need to rescue new recruits from their casual footwear.  First we will throw gift boots on the ground there; then we will follow proudly wearing our own to demonstrate how things are done.  Europe and the US have run out of excuses and Oil.

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