NATO in Libya Running out of Planes; Brits on the Ground – Whose Minding Kate and Wills?

Posted on April 20, 2011

Just last week it was announced that NATO was short on planes.  This is reason for Britain to determine it was time to enter into a new phase of their role – on the ground in Libya?  Police at home are rounding up the usual suspects (terrorist that is) and questioning them as part of a sweep prior to the Royal wedding the 29th.  “Radical” Muslim Cleric  Anjem Choudary sees the event as the perfect time to show the world that Muslims will stand  up for what they believe.

Overseeing the above and the Anarchists is a 24-7 enterprise.

Scotland Yard will mount one of the biggest operations in its history on the day of the wedding. Just under 5,000 officers will be deployed. Police are likely to use section 60 of the Criminal Justice Act 1996 to impose zones where officers can stop and search individuals, regardless of suspicion. [Guardian]

No wonder Kate ran away with a couple of body guards for some last minute shopping wearing only a black frock ant THAT ring.

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