Obama Visits Facebook Headquarters – Cozeeee! CEO Zuckerberg a “FOBO” by Now

Posted on April 21, 2011

At the start of his 2008 campaign, Barack Obama visited Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, at his offices.  He was seeking help in configuring and expanding a database of workers, contributors and other individuals based in part on the Facebook model.  The result:  one of the most potent pieces of campaign software imaginable. And now it appears Zuckerberg is yet another Friend of Barack Obama.  What an “edge” this is.

But does Obama’s software track workers and potential workers as Facebook does?  One thing is certain, it gives us pause when a President is close to the head of the world’s most successful social network – or any corprorate entity.  Could Obama be getting information from the Facebook data files as well? Potential privacy issues could lie buried in the dust following these meetings.

One wonders about the ethics behind this campaign stop.  This is not a news organization.  It is a social network.  They gather information about people and have a setup on their site that allows third parties to access it.  They track your movements on the web via their “like” buttons.  Regardless, Facebook, has avoided major Perhaps because they give you an “out” to click on an option in account setup that will forgo tracking.   The iPhone controversy involving their previously unknown software that can track you everywhere you go that you go with no “opt out” feature available.

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