Women and Sharia – Gang Rape Ordered by Village Council in Matter of Honor

Posted on April 21, 2011

”]In 2002, a woman was gang raped in Pakistan.  The act was ordered by the village council in repayment for Mukhtaran Mai’s brother having had an affair with a woman in another clan.  It was a matter of honor – like the honor killings we hear so much about.  A witness never came forward so the men were freed this week for lack of evidence.  For the woman to have come forward in these circumstances was a tremendously courageous act.  One wonders if others like her will bother about such a thing now.

The mindset that produces the retributive justice practiced by some followers and interpreters of Sharia has been firmly established.  It is almost impossible to see such a mindset being overturned anytime soon and in under decades of reprogramming needed for succeeding generations.  While many will say that this is not true Sharia, the difficulty is that it is embraced by the kinds of “intemperate”  Muslims that are demonstrating and threatening and demanding the institution of sharia in nations all over Europe and in North America.

Unless and until Muslims who do not believe in such punishment become vocal in their repulsion of this interpretation of Sharia, women will continue to be abused in these cultures.  It is not just for the education of potential converts in the West that they should speak up.  They need to defend and protect their own women.  Few women in the West will want to embrace the practice of Sharia that severely punish women.  As long as Islam goes after its women, the women in the West with power and influence will push back against them.

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