Did Obama Birth Certificate Drama Upstage Trump, The “Birthers,” and The Royal Wedding?

Posted on April 27, 2011

He may be a legal citizen of the US but he is also one crazy dude sitting in the White House.  He plays games and we now all know it.  Legally he has been the only one who could have come up with this birth certificate – the “original.”  But he didn’t do it.  He waited until he felt that the “birthers” and others had put themselves out on a limb before he released it.

But why else would he do this late in the “game”?  Could it be, oh no, he didn’t have a hard time getting it forged did he?  Now he is hoping this will be the next level of hell on which the “birthers” will land.  He is ready with comebacks for this argument.

But there is no comeback for why didn’t he just end this like a grown man much earlier.  Oh, of course, it was lost in the Archives.

Sorry Barack but this has blown up in your face.  Your smug remarks on television today about Trump are so typical of you when faced with an opponent you cannot control.  Trump got you to do this.  Face it.  Long-term, Trump will win this round because he stated what he truly believed to be the truth.  And you, knowing the truth, allowed him to sink into the mud over it.

Barack, go to your room without supper tonight and don’t come out until you can play President like an honest man and not a snarky little boy.  Oh, and no Air Force one for a week.

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