Royal Wedding Update: Britain Rolls Out Ultimate Anti-Terrorism Weapon for Urban Areas – It’s For the Birds

Posted on April 28, 2011

If ever there was a photo that reminded me of the World War II barrage balloons over London this one does:

Photo courtesy

There’s not a helicopter in the world that will be able to negotiate these lines.  However, there will be many squirrels and Pigeons that will.  I am happy I am not on the remove-the-street-flags-above-the-streets detail.

So what is a barage balloon?  Here is an iconographic picture to demonstrate:

WW II Cardington Barrage Balloons

Some contained explosives – all were anti-aircraft devices during the “Battle of Britain.”

They will not do for a Royal Wedding – even painted with the Union Jack.  No, in the time of terrorists, new means must be used against the forces of evil.  These lines of flags are launch pads for the ultimate urban avian weapon:  “bird shit not to be confused with its manufactured alternate, bird shot.”  May a pigeon poop in the eye of all would-be plotters against the happiness of this day.  Woe to those who do not remember that the sun never shits on the British Empire.

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