When a Royal Wedding Becomes a Royal Pain

Posted on April 28, 2011

There is one photo that sums up all of the hard work, often frustrating and without reward, being carried out in the  name of the Royal Wedding.

The work  has been so arduous that a couple of young guardsmen became separated from their mounts for one reason or other last week.  One of them was a very determined and very short officer.  It is clearly a case of tall horse, short rider.  Tall boots, short legs.  But he bravely soldiers on.  A Napoleon in the Making no doubt.

Photo courtesy Photos.indystar.com

Snigger though we may, SamHenry was a rider in her youth.  There is nothing harder to do than to sit the trot for any length of time.  But on Friday, you will see many, many mounted guards and police doing  just that.  It’s enough to make you fall off your horse to be sure.  It’s also enough to give  you a bad back in your later years.  There is no sport harder on the back than horsemanship.

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