Beatrice Wears Facinator Inspired by an 18th Century Sconce

Posted on April 29, 2011

Sara Ferguson was not at the wedding but her two followers of the Fergie hazardous waste style of dress represented her.

Missing only the candle, Prince Beatrice (right) put in an appearance at the Royal wedding in a lovely outfit topped off with an architectural period piece pulled right from the wall at Windsor Cottage.  Either it is a sconce or  it’s antelope mating season.  What must boyfriend Dave Clark say to  himself as this vision heads toward him?

Beatrice's fascinator gives new meaning to the phrase "head gear."

Poor Eugenie (left) suffers from complete lack of knowledge of her own frame in relation to appropriate attire.  It is very sad.  She is a young lady with a beautiful face.

“Randy Andy” looks shell-shocked.  Battling his own bad reputation has taken its toll.

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