Kate and Pippa – Dresses Fit Like Swimwear with Bodices Like Wonder Woman

Posted on April 29, 2011

Lingerie, Bathing Suit or Wedding Dress - You Decide

I have waited until the happiness of the day had passed to make this pronouncement.  I did not think that the sisters Middleton had properly proportioned outfits for the wedding.  In the case of the bride above, certain shots of Catherine were worse that others in defining the “obvious problem” with the bodice of her dress.

As for Pippa, she looked like she could slide down the Abbey steps like a slinky – but here she slides up them:

Many have rightly drawn a parallel between Kate’s dress and that of the late Princess Grace of Monaco.   SamHenry sees more of a resemblance to Wonder Woman:

I may seem old and jaded  but what’s her excuse:

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