SamHenry’s Royal Wedding Post Game Wrap

Posted on April 30, 2011

OK, Royal Wedding Watchers and OMGodders about the whole thing.  Crawling the web on my hands and knees, here’s what I turned up the day after Wills’ wedding:

  • The most Googled phrase overnight has been “Is James Middleton Gay.”  The tilt is toward yes.  Pictures of him in drag and in the nude and as the well-dressed talented entrepreneur that he is are all out there.  But do find articles on his success that goes beyond that of this sisters – both.  All three, however, seem to be taken with their physical attributes.
  • Anne, the Princess Royale has been arriving and departing and dealing with horses farting for years.  But she seems to have lost the fine art of getting in and out of a vehicle.  She’s had plenty of time to get this right.:

She's had plenty of time to get this right.

Good job, Carole, MOB

Would you like to get out, Miss?

Good job Kate-Catherine

  • Pippa’s posterior has been the stuff of legend.  Adoring groups have been organized around it on Facebook.  The hits have been “asstronomical” on Facebook.  On the bottom in question, well, it may now have special agents protecting it.
  • Is the Duchess of Cornwall hailing a cab?

The balcony scene was remarkable not for its Royal kisses and little misses covering their ears. SamHenry loved  watching MOB Carole Middleton’s moves:

  • First sight of her:

A brief moment next to her daughter, Kate-Catherine, Duchess of Shaded Chest Parts – SamHenry hates that dress.

Prince Charles has to insert himself into the scene.  He has this move down from his days in the middle of Camilla’s first marriage.

Mr. Middleton Puts in an appearance

Prince Charles has some difficulties either with his hair or with talking to Carole.

Prince Philip has better luck:  “Why hello, my dear, how lovely to have you here.  Call me Uncle Prince.” (thought translation not lip reading).

Prince Philip “Hmm, Hmm – that bottom.”

In the end (no pun intended) they all got it right.

Finally, about Chelsy Davy – so near yet far from Prince Harry throughout the Pre-nuptial events, the wedding itself and the aftermath.  Facebook is aglow with sites promoting a marriage between Pippa and Harry.  Don’t be fooled.  Remember when Wills and Kate split then she showed up at the concert in memory of his mother he and Harry arranged?  She saw miles from him.  Harry has been smitten with Davy for years.  Although she was not the most elegant person at Westminster Abbey, she was among the most highly educated and brilliant.

And where was Sarah Ferguson the day of the wedding?  Contrary to what she has said in the past, she was shopping.  The Royals had asked her to keep  her head down and to not attract attention.