Press Assn. Dinner And CNN Coverage – Pure Entertainment – Purpose Eclipsed

Posted on May 1, 2011

Even Wikipedia states that the original intent of the annual dinner has been lost to increasing coziness between the White House and the press; between Hollywood and both.  They point to the fact the in recognition of this fact, the New York Times no longer sends a representative.  Can it be – a Wikipedia article possibly written by a Conservative?

Perhaps Donald Trump should have missed the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner and sat  home and watched CNN’s assessment of it.  Both zeroed in on him overly much. But he might have even considered litigation of CNN for near defamation of character.  At the very least, Anderson Cooper led a trio of commentators in a more than unbalanced review of the affair( transcript of show not yet available).  Comments included “Donald Trump will never be elected because he has no sense of humor (Trump sat stone-faced through Seth Meyer’s routine.  Check out Myers’ Chicago connections).

Myers’ performance lastt evening was nasty not funny.  As for Anderson Coopers’ post-dinner assessment, watch for the transcript on the CNN  web page for Anderson Cooper’s 360,  site where the following is prominent:

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