Bin Laden Killing: Obama Sows Hope then Doubt Giving Fodder to Conspiracy Theorists

Posted on May 3, 2011

[HT to RobLorinov]  Today, the Obama administration started a process we have not yet seen – “dithering in reverse” – after the fact.  Obama took strong, quick action and  is turning it into disruptive, retrospective dithering:

The White House backed away Monday evening from key details in its narrative about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, including claims by senior U.S. officials that the Al Qaeda leader had a weapon and may have fired it during a gun battle with U.S. forces.

Officials also retreated from claims that one of  Bin Laden’s wives was killed in the raid and that bin Laden was using her as a human shield before she was shot by U.S. forces.  Read more: Be prepared for “I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean it” to be advanced soon.

Having been told that the Navy Seals practiced for months in a model of the Bin Laden compound in Pakistan, an opening has been made for the conspiracy theorists.  You know them – the ones who still contend there was never a moon landing.  It was all a stage set.
Either way, Bin Laden has cost us lots of money – either in stage sets or massive military operations.
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