SamHenry on Release of Bin Laden Death and Burial Pictures; Identifying Team of Seals

Posted on May 3, 2011

Yes to releasing Bin Laden Death and burial tapes; no to further identifying the Navy seals who carried out the attack to its conclusion.

Breach of Muslim law or not, the pictures of Bin Laden in death (gruesome as they are) and the video of his burial at sea both need to be made available to the public.  It will reassure Americans that it truly is what happened; it will enlighten the enemy; and it will counter the fake picture now circulating on the internet.  It will not silence conspiracy and other non-believers.

Regardless of Muslim belief in photographing the dead, the video should be shown.  When the Seals went in, they were equipped with helmet  cameras that were able to send pictures directly back to the US.  The President and others watched the attack in full as it unfolded.

As for the incredible job done by our Seals, a word about them in the British press:

by  Oliver Tree

Last updated at 8:36 AM on 3rd May 2011

They are the U.S. military’s super soldiers, trained to the highest standards and armed with the best equipment money can buy.

And last night Navy SEALs from the famed SEAL ‘Team Six’ put that training to deadly use – assassinating the worlds most hunted man and securing his body in less than 40 minutes.

Although specific details of the raid are scant – a leaked email from their commander has emerged demanding absolute silence from those who took part – these secretive warriors are one of the most fearsome fighting forces in the world.
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