Has Bin Laden Left The Building? The Flight to Fantasy Gains Momentum

Posted on May 4, 2011

When the President first announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, there was dancing and singing in the streets  here.  Then came the realization that he was really gone.  Then the Administration started altering it’s account of events, delayed release of the death photos and now today, for the first time an intelligent and conservative neighbor has told me he is not so sure Bin Laden is dead.  Death photos can be doctored and so can the bodies.

When will Obama remember his early speeches – full of confidence and spirit and well-turned phrases.  That is how he attracted so many voters.  Personally, SamHenry has whiplash from all of the abrupt stops and starts.  And it is this tentativeness that is fueling doubt.  Many believe that the delay in releasing the photos of Bin Laden dead have to do with giving Obama time to have the pictures photo-shopped.  Myself, it could be that he is packing his bags for another long trip on Air Force fun.

We are a nation tired of dancing to the hesitation waltz.  Either release the damn photos or keep them.  Know that whichever you do, it won’t silence critics. There will be devout Muslims who will be insulted, and the hopeful among his admirers will believe that he still lives.

One final note.  Tourists are already flocking to the site of Bin Laden’s compound.  There will be those enterprising souls among the Pakistanis who will turn the site into Graceland East.  Count on it.  The faithful will not need a body; only a point of departure like the empty tomb of 2,011 years ago.  Songs will be written, poems penned and the legend will take shape.  But no matter the story or “truth,”  myth has always been more powerful as readers of  Sir George Frazier’s Golden Bough: A study of Magic and Religion will confirm .  Don’t bother following up on press stories about this  entire matter.  Just remember human nature as you read Frazier.  Do this and if you skip a few days of coverage, you will more than catch up with this story.


Afterword – As early as 2007, rather interesting videos surfaced and the fight for the truth about Bin Laden was underway.  It is the first step in the myth-making process.

It’s been announced that Barack won’t release pictures of the dead Bin Laden.  Americans  pay to see gore all the time (Saw 1, 2 and 3 or more; The Mummy movies) so aside from Muslim sensitivity, Americans are not a problem.  Once again Obama has the games he plays score at Muslims 1; US citizens 0.

So with no further ado, [here are] the 5 dumbest conspiracy theories about bin Laden’s death, or lack thereof.

1. President Obama is actually bin Laden in disguise

2. The U.S. had bin Laden’s body frozen since 2001

3. Bin Laden died in 2001, and also in 2003

4. Pakistan’s army kept bin Laden as a prisoner to help Obama politically

5. It’s all a lie and bin Laden is actually still alive [abovetopsecret.com]

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