The Unfinished Business of the Obama Administration.

Posted on May 5, 2011

Prince Charles to Pince Barack: “I’ll show you wedding pictures if you’ll show me the Osama Bin Laden dead pictures.”

It seems that universally there is a lot of unfinished business abroad on the globe.  Even the weather can’t get it together.  It is still partly sunny and partly Spring in the Northeast. The cold and rain have sabotaged this next expected season rendering our quadrant of the country crabby and impatient.  With sky-high gas prices, we don’t even have enough gas money to get away from it.  Internationally, failed diplomatic policies have brought us a half war (we share it with the rebels) of indeterminable length to us in Libya.

In Washington, let’s see where we are on tightening the southern border and immigration policy reform.  Let’s get promulgating regulations of the financial reform bill off the ground. Banks have already raised fees to the max while continuing practices that  led to the need for reform of the financial industry in the first place.  And honorable mention must go to those Congressional financial wizards you cannot lead in the direction of a budget for the country or tax reform.

No more prime time breaking news interruptions of my favorite TV shows beginning with the word “I” until you finish the other things you were elected to handle.  Do we have to ground Air Force One to keep you home on the range?  You may be the Commander-in-Chief but you answer to a large  group we the people.

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