And Now Word From Sarah Ferguson – Mother of Two Girls Who Disripted a Royal Wedding With Their Hat Tricks

Posted on May 6, 2011

Sarah Ferguson is ramping up her PR machine and going full tilt ahead toward the release of her 6-part series in June, Finding Sarah.  The title suggests a benign journey to find a kindly soul buried under layers of  misunderstandings and misadventures that have led to her burial by the Royals in terra incognita. In the hands of Oprah and her OWN channel, it will of course be otherwise.  It will be tough love all the way.

To guide her through the ultimate mind/body makeover, the Duchess seeks the help of Oprah’s experts, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman, as well as other extraordinary individuals. Together they help her address tough personal issues, ranging from finances and self-esteem to physical fitness.

Sarah shopping as wedding was broadcast.

In the premiere of “Finding Sarah,” Dr. Phil delves into the Duchess’ past, helping her realize how the traumas of her childhood continue to impact her and challenging her to acknowledge that she is “emotionally bankrupt.” Back in England, facing financial bankruptcy and feeling defeated, the Duchess turns to money-guru Suze Orman, who offers some tough-love advice on achieving financial independence.

Later in the series, the Duchess’ quest for answers leads her to several unique “healers” with some unconventional methods. In the Arizona desert, a Shaman advises Sarah on how to get through the pain of her mother’s abandonment; life coach Martha Beck, known for helping people find their true selves, helps the Duchess to trust her own instincts; and horse whisperer Koelle Simpson sets up an exercise with a horse in which the Duchess learns about overcoming fear. After each experience, the Duchess walks away feeling more and more empowered.

Along with mental and spiritual challenges, come physical challenges for the Duchess. Desperate to get into shape, Sarah agrees to a 26-mile trek through Canada’s Arctic and embarks on an intense training program with a world-class trainer. At first she is steadfast in her efforts, but some unexpected news threatens to bring back her self-destructive behavior.

As the series progresses, it becomes evident that success for the Duchess can only come from within as she comes to terms with past missteps, tackles major life changes and rebuilds her self-esteem. The Duchess’ journey is unique to her, but viewers will learn with her as she struggles with relatable issues like self-worth, finances and health. By sharing her story, the Duchess hopes not only to improve herself, but also to inspire others to take the first steps towards leading a better life.

And now the theory has been put forth that her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie wore those outrageous hats to the wedding as a kind of revenge for the fact that their mother had not been invited.  This is sad if true.  They don’t need to go where her mother first tread with unbridled mirth with her accomplice, Diana as they misbehaved at official functions out of a sense of play.
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