Americans Save Stranded Ducklings, Birds Caught in Kites But Demolish House With Woman In It

Posted on May 9, 2011

In reviewing CNN’s video reports today, one featured a TV reporter who had a story right under his nose:  10 or so ducklings trapped in a storm sewer.  Said reporter saved the day. The other video was about a tree that ate a kite whereby the kite then went on to entrap a bird.  Rescue teams freed him. Our human need to help our fellow creatures is perhaps best captured in the iconic, fantastically funny pigeon scene from the movie Forget Paris starring Deborah Winger and Billy Crystal.

But lest you leave with a warm feeling that if we can’t get along with half the states in the world, at least we can manage good relations with wildlife globally, among these videos of springtime hope and redemption was one in which humans demolished a home with a woman in it.  She later died.

The moral of this story is if you see a bulldozer steaming toward your house, make a noise like a duck.

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