Pakistan Media Outs CIA Station Chief With the Wrong Name!

Posted on May 9, 2011

Just who is on top of the story and the  legality of the US operation to get Bin Laden?

Here is the latest formula for defeat by the Pakistan government, a body shot through with dark holes previously thought only to exist in deep space.

  1. The US gives the Paki government knowledge of everything it has on the ground there.
  2. The US launched the operation to get Bin Laden.
  3. The Pakistan media (to which our government did not reveal all of its assets in that country) names a US diplomat as the station chief in Islamabad.

The alleged name of the Islamabad station chief — one of the CIA’s most significant and sensitive assignments — was first broadcast Friday by ARY, a private Pakistani television channel, The Wall Street Journal reported. The channel was covering a meeting between the station chief and the director of the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s spy agency.

While the Associated Press learned that the name reported was incorrect, ARY’s Islamabad bureau chief told The Journal that not broadcasting the name would have hurt the story’s credibility.

There are currently no plans to withdraw the chief from assignment, and neither the CIA nor Pakistan’s spy agency would respond to the newspaper for comment.

Most remarkably, Fox News also reported that this is not the first time that the CIA station chief  has been outed in Pakistan.  In December, 2011 the previous CIA Station Chief was outed.
Theories about how this could happen range from revenge on the part of Pakistan for drone hits and the Bin Laden raid.  But if Pakistan had knowledge of US assets on the ground, it could have uncovered them prior to the Bin Laden operation.  It is more likely that the Pakistan government was aware of the mission – in fact must have known.  The Pakis and the US were well aware of the CIA group tracking Bin Laden for months; were aware of the mission.  Had they not known about the mission, Pakistan could have concluded that it was India and have started a war on the sub continent.
It works for the US and Pakistan that each is taking the other to task.  Think about it.
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