First Bin Laden Gets Killed; Now Bristol Palin Gets Weird New Life

Posted on May 10, 2011

First the shock:  Bin Laden is killed.  Wait a couple of beats in the news cycle and then launch headline:

Bristol Palin Gets New Reality Show.

Did the planet rock?

I don’t know about the rest of America but the glitter is gone from any reality surrounding the Palins.  The truth is, there is no reality only scripts.  And the scripts are doozies.  In recent memory we have been treated to Bristol Dancing, fishing and breaking up with her husband a second time.  Like a pilot fish, the first husband swims near the Palins trailing stories about them.  Talk about two or more degrees of separation from the truth; light years from Kevin Bacon.  It is a blessing their son is as young as he is.

Now we see Bristol buy a house in Arizona – huh?  Then come the rumors she doesn’t want her mother near the place. Then up pops Bristol with a new face and then, wait for it, the announcement that in a new reality show, Bristol will be teaming up with the squeaky clean (so far) Massey brothers.  Now get this script.  Bristol, son Trig and the brothers all live together in LA so Bristol and Kyle can work together on some charity or other.  Massive.  Worth Craig’s List.

Please, do not expect any further posts on this site about this family unless it is strictly political and has some consequence for Americans and their lives.  Meanwhile enjoy the music – “I’m all over it now…but I lied.”