From Bin Laden to Matthew Broderick; A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Made Up Interpretations

Posted on May 10, 2011

Growing up, SamHenry had two brothers and no sisters.  She quickly learned what the rules or the road were – from them.  Although the eldest, their strength as they grew became the determining factor in decision-making and not ratiocination.  One day As Sam leaned over her parakeet’s cage, she stroked his stomach and turned to her youngest brother and said “I think he’ having an off day.  He won’t eat his food.  He is probably sad about loosing his partner.”  The words had been hanging in the air only a moment when said brother replied with disgust:  “Right, let’s analyze what the bird is thinking.”

Journalists today of all stripes do the same thing daily that SamHenry did only once before giving up the practice:  from Bid Laden to Matthew Broderick, I don’t look at pictures of them and even begin to know what they are thinking.  Even dead, your innermost thoughts will be forever analyzed  and not by clinicians; by journalists.

Case in point:  Matthew Broderick from the pages of the Daily Mail May 9, 2011. First, one must know that the press, short an announcement, has determined they have separated. Broderick had had an affair before the birth of their twins.  They had a heavily photographed Mother’s Day outing in the park and suddenly, a journalist assessed the photos as Broderick being happy.  The pictures with commentary from the Daily Mail:

“All smiles: Parker and Broderick were clearly enjoying their day out in the New York sun” Really? Broderick is smiling and enjoying the experience?

"Proud: Parker and Broderick enjoy parenthood in the park on the warm New York spring day." "Proud"? Broderick looks miserable.

The above photo have been interpreted by The Daily Mail without benefit of an interview.  We cannot get into the head of anyone else.  We need to hear what the subjects are thinking or how they feel at the moment the picture has been snapped or shortly thereafter.  Broderick may have had gas – he may have been obsessed with his unconfirmed divorce or thinking of the family dog back home all alone.

Even in the case of the late Osama Bin Laden, in reviewing the photos and videos recently released, there is much speculation about what he was thinking as he viewed himself on TV.  He is deemed a narcissist.     When it comes time to comment about the picture of the late, great leader sitting on the floor in front of a TV, most say this picture clearly shows a man stooped with age tying to edit his image of a few years back.

We  have many pictures captured during the raid on his compound in Pakistan.   Aording to one terrorist expert on CNN last night, followers of Bin Laden will now see the true Bin Laden – grey bearded and old sitting of the floor that will destroy the myth of a vigorous leader.  Now a group of people and their reaction is predicted.  This must truly be an expert.  Funny thing about when he died.  His followers around the globe reacted with shock and sadness at the passing of an honored leader – no matter the color of his beard.


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