Microsoft’s Purchase of Skype Ensures Continued March Toward Social Media Dominance Uber Alles

Posted on May 10, 2011

If  you are on iPhone or Android forgeddabout having the latest Skype or possibly any Skype platform in the distant future. For now you will.  But in the future if you are a faithful follower of the only quality video chat software, you may have to have a phone featuring Windows.  They will get the latest version first.

Okay so you can live with Windows but here is the insidious downer.  You may have already seen the creeping linkage of Facebook to Skype (as well as to everything else).  Be prepared for integration so complete that you will want to send a telegram rather than communicate through iPhone or Android.  Microsoft now owns a hefty percentage of Facebook and the future is clear.

Yes, Facebook was rumored to be one of the tech titans in the running to buy Skype. The social media giant’s interest seems a clear indication that Mark Zuckerberg and Co. would like to beef up Facebook Chat with video.

It was just a passing reference. But on Tuesday, Ballmer mentioned “social” as one of the possible uses for a Microsoft-owned Skype.

Microsoft actually owns a piece of Facebook, having bought in for $240 million in 2007. And the two have worked together on projects since then. (Skype now also lets users integrate their news feeds and friends lists.)

Getting a product in front of Facebook’s 600 million or so users would be huge [CNN]

The final question is will we be charged for our now free video calls?  Probably.  We have been conditioned to its use and now that we have been, it will probably come with a cost in the future.  Chocolate isn’t free either, capiche?

One of the big players was going to own it – Google or even Facebook itself.  But in the end, they are all in bed together along with the President and other key players.  Do we little tablet-buying fish count?  We’re just the means to an end. The day will come when you will be unable to sign into a site on the net or make a call without being a member of Facebook.

We need a new company completely devoted to communications – straightforward, non social media communication.  Where is the Volkswagen of cell-phone platforms when we need it?  It seems no one invents for the common man anymore.  No.  Everything has to be made over in the extreme, supersized, and expanded to be all-inclusive.

Just this year Volkswagen came out with a simplified, BETTER Jetta that was even reduced in price.  Why can’t we simplify communications for those who want a stripped down model?  No bells or whistles just fast with a strong signal.

When will we wake up to take back our communications?  We are being  tracked and hacked and charged a fortune for becoming part of a large herd of addicted techno zombies.  There are homeless people that have iPhones and I will one day be one of them if I don’t kick the upgrading habit.

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