Sarah Ferguson: Get Up Out of Oprah’s Comfortable Chairs!

Posted on May 11, 2011

It’s May 11th.  Set your DVR or leave work early to watch Sarah Ferguson on Oprah today.

Why is this even happening?   About 25 years ago there were two giddy young girls married to British princes – Diana and Sarah.  Their stories took a dark turn when both were divorced from their princes and then a tragic turn when Diana died.  And now there is Fergie the last of the ladies who could have used a little more support, understanding and medical help with their clinical-level emotional problems.  Granted, families can do so much in the case of the legally adult but Royal families do have some prerogatives.

Fergie is still in the business of selling her soul. Now she will headline her own reality show which will follow her search for health and wealth using Oprah standby’s Dr. Phil and others of the Oprah self-help circle.

Fergie got the job sitting on Opra’s couch begging to be understood and forgiven for her outrageous behavior in trying to sell access to Prince Andrew to an undercover tabloid journalist.  She’s back there now launching a PR campaign to generate viewership for her reality show on OWN.

With the Royal Wedding over, she is now publicly expressing  her hurt at having not been invited.  She is sharing HER day April 29th with us.  She was in Thailand – far from the Island nation that has rejected her. She revealed that Prince Andrew had been on the phone with her “all morning” comforting her and recalling their own “perfect” wedding at the Abbey – the last Royal Wedding at that venue.  She said she missed being able to help dress her girls and to have gone as a family to the event.  This may all be quite odd but Fergie has said before that she does not share anything in public that Andrew has not approved.

It is not at all clear if Oprah Winfrey’s couch is the place the story of Sarah Ferguson and the Windsor family should be recounted.  This is a pop TV.  In this kind of format, she is more like the Windsor version of Levi Johnson.   Oprah is indeed generous and has done a great deal of good in her time.  But when the news leaked that Oprah wanted a re-shoot on much of Fergie’s documentary because if was “too boring” my ears picked up.  Oprah as impresario.  Suddenly it’s not docu – it’s drama and for big bucks to save her network.

Can Fergie be her own person again?  Can she be on her own, period?  It is doubtful.  For whatever is the bond between them, Fergie needs the protection of Prince Andrew and perhaps because of all she knows about the Prince, he needs to keep her close at hand.  Here’s hoping Prince Andrew will take a more active role in keeping her off  of talk shows in the future.  There is that sense that as long as she talks on about the Windsors, she is selling access to them.

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