Sorry But There is No Movie on the Economy to Make it More Interesting – What Can?

Posted on May 12, 2011

No, there is no movie titled “When Harry Met Sallie Mae” or  “The Hunt for Red Ink in October.” It remains for journalists to do the Republic a favor: write about the Economy with more straightforward language, charts and encouragement for neophytes.  Perhaps a video lecturette. Voters need to be educated and it needs to be done in such a way that they are compelled to pay attention to the important issues surrounding our current national insolvency.

All the American voter encounters is the end result of  a financial sector out of control: mortgages they can’t afford, high credit card rates, etc. Now they need to be updated on the progress made (not much) to promulgate rules under the new Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill.

It’s 10 AM – do you know where Barney Frank is?  It matters.

Now Obama is trying to streamline the office of the President [see VotingAmerican].  He is not moving fast enough without Congressional consent or approval; he wants to move faster.  OK, if his office is recast for more efficiency, how can voters keep up with that when information is already slow in reaching them in the format they can understand?

We need our political parties to pay attention to getting study and blogs going on their websites that take on these issues.  Voter education must extend past the League of Women Voters.

What do you think?  How best can We the People keep up with the issues when a stealth President has his minions churning out legislation at a fanatic pace.  We need to discuss this in a forum from which something is to be achieved, knowledge accumulated.  We need to set goals and time constraints.  The President and his men are moving quickly. However we are  all the while doing our own research and bits and part of the economic story are scattered all over the many blogs.

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