SamHenry’s List of Why Obama Administration Can’t Handle War On Terror – Among other things

Posted on May 13, 2011

Release of operational details or BinLaden’s killing has put the Seals and their families at risk, troops in the region and made it almost impossible to mount another attack like it.

  • The picture of who was in the room watching the helmut mounted cameras carry out the raid should not have been released.
  • Joe Biden should not have been told a thing and kept away from news papers – perhaps sent to another planet.  He revealed the location of the Navy Seals Unit 6.  It must have been the correct location because another resident of the base wrote publicly of his fear for his family and others at the base.
  • The President should NEVER have traveled ANYWHERE to publicly meet with the men who carried out the mission further confirming that it was a Seals unit that took the al Qaeda leader out.
  • Animated re-creations of the raid and killing should not have been released for mass distribution. The administration could have stepped in here.

Remember when President Bush did not allow journalists to be imbedded with the troops during the Iraq war.  He was a President who, as Commander-in-Chief, fully realized that during war, often some freedoms have to be modified or even suspended for the greater good.

For whatever reason, this President has acted irresponsibly.  He has put the country at risk financially and  now militarily.  He has weakened the fabric of this nation needed in time of war to work together  by creating division among us over issues.

SamHenry never believed Bin Laden should have been killed.  Reports are that Obama wanted him dead or dead.  Those reports are unnecessary and so is the killing of a monster that would have given this country the highest visibility possible for our adherence to the rule of law and to the great civilization we have been until 2008.

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