Facebook vs Google With Millions of Users Paying the Price and the Lawyers Winning

Posted on May 15, 2011

This post dedicated to one of two faithful info scouts who use their avian avatars to fly info speedily to SamHenry.  This morning up with the birds was Darc’s Falcon.  When SamHenry uses HT it does not mean “hat tip.”  It means hugs and thanks.

Facebook allegedly ran a smear campaign against Google; Google has retaliated with a lawsuit. Somewhere in all  of this  users have suffered most. Oh happy days. Could this mean the end of this social media “merde” on the net?

Facebook is right about one thing:  Google’s aggressive moves for information about users.  Just yesterday SamHenry tried to log into a G-mail account and was diverted to another page.  On it Google explained that having more backup information would enable faster restoration of lost passwords.  In other words, they now wanted my phone number.  Why?  In case I needed to have it  to access mail on my smart phone.

Google, hear me.  Smart people use smart phones and they know you can e-mail that password to their other e-mail account they gave you. They have browsers and can access their isp accounts using it.  Best yet, I can access my other mail account via your platform’s browser on my Droid X.  Shame on you!

Regular readers are painfully aware that SamHenry has no use for the social media.   Come on social media minions.  Who cares where your friends are and what they like – right?  If you do, you must be bored or near death.  Those who embrace near sex in public – get a room.  Those who expose details about every aspect of their daily lives on the net – get a blog.

Read about the gory details about this battle here.

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