Kate Will Not Have Lady-in-Waiting; Pippa Sidelined?

Posted on May 15, 2011

Post wedding the Pippa posterior was clearly defined and in full view. The beginning of "the end" for her as it were.

For their first official trip outside Britain, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel on the light side.

Kate and Wills (let’s drop pretense – that’s who they will always be) have decided to tackle their first official visit to another country devoid of a large staff.  Missing will be a lady-in-waiting for Kate and a dresser for Wills.  The Daily Mail let it be known that the reason was simple: the move was in keeping with the couple’s desire for a simpler life.

Post Royal wedding, the big story was everything Pippa – her attendant’s dress was more popular than the bride’s; she was referred to as a superstar; her bottom had fan pages on Facebook; and as fate would have it, pictures from her college days dancing with lingerie for a top hit the press.  Suddenly headlines read: “Pippa too Hot for the Royals.  Apparently so.

But here is a catalog of possible other reasons Pippa will not become a lady-in-waiting to her sister even if one is later proved necessary:

  • Pippa IS a superstar now and truly would be disruptive to a Royal tour with serious goals.
  • The public is not especially keen on “nepotism” in any form.
  • Photos of Pippa dancing with only a lingerie top were unsettling to the Palace and would undercut the protocol of an official visit.
  • The focus deserves to be Kate and the effort should be to give her the opportunity to develop in her new role without unnecessary interference.

Pippa will have many opportunities to join her sister. And in fairness to Pippa, she needs time to develop her own life.  She no doubt would agree.

Regal in her own right this Princess Pippa.

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