PLEEEASE, GOOGLE – No More Sharing – Go Away

Posted on May 15, 2011

And now WordPress having been hounded by subscribers for additional capability has developed a means to allow you to publish your documents from Google docs and to publish your calendars and heaven know what else.  But that’s OK because your privacy is protected.  Yes indeed and here is the promise:

Note: if you’re sharing a private (not public) document, the viewer will have to be logged into Google and have permission to access the document.

Get sharing!

Right.  But guess what?  You are already sharing that document with Google and all of its many honest and forthright engineers and etc. who would never sell you out – not even to a third party.

We are being led down the garden path and are being told this sharing is good for masses of people because it is convenient and because they have heard  us and they are giving us what we want.

Time for some massive debriefing – deprogramming.  Something has to get through to the American public that we are throwing our privacy and our freedom and our lives away with both hands.

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