SamHenry On Weight Loss – A Blog Full of Support

Posted on May 16, 2011

Calling all Blogger Buds.  Help get SamHenry out of her nightgown.  It’s now about the only thing that fits.  She’s so heavy she has just fallen over while trying on her new hajib. No woman want’s to be recognized in her nightgown.

Join her in a little weight loss if you feel it might help.  A group effort is generally more successful.  An honest report of at least 2 lbs of loss per week is required.  My friends, I need your help.  It can be done only if it is carried out in the full light of this public announcement.  To heck with all of the weight loss programs.  We know how to eat healthy, small meals, exercise (ugh) and get our rest.

I will try if you will prod me.  A brief update in a week or is that weak!


My friend Morb has set Sam up again and placed her in authentic Afghan surroundings.  Thanks dear Morb.

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