Is Schwarzenegger Siring Sons All Over California – Oh Ahhnuld What is Up?

Posted on May 17, 2011

And now there is confusion about how many love children Arnold Schwarzenegger has fathered – the dust up this week may be about a newer child than the one mentioned the Britain’s Daily Mail in 2003 (of course the article is no longer available online).  That article revealed that Arnold had enjoyed an affair with the stewardess on his private plane and that he had fathered a son named Tanner Tousignant.  Tanner is now a high school graduate.  His mother is the attractive blond above.  But she did not live at the house.  And now these many years later, DNA tests have proved Tanner is not Arnold’s son.

So who is this woman who lived in the household for 20 years and who gave birth to a love child 10 years ago?  It seems we are now down to one love child from the at least two the press has been pushing.

Arnold has such classy friends.  He turned to them when the news broke. Take a look at who his drinking buddies are aside from Sylvester Stallone (“Rocky”):

If you would like to read all the gory details and decide for yourself just how many love children there are, check out these articles:]

Our thoughts are with all of the children that have been taken down by this.  Maria Shriver mentioned them and asked they be left in peace.  Good idea.  Years from now things may pop up out of the floor boards.  We should determine now not to pay much attention to a man who obviously needs some counseling.  It’s a wonder he knows which house to go to at night.

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