Queen Elizabeth Bravely Keeps to Ireland Visit Despite Bombs and Threats

Posted on May 17, 2011

She’s a bit stooped with age these days but still among the royals, there is no harder working member of “The Firm.”  And this Queen will go anywhere and do anything she has to do to be of service both to her country and it’s welfare.   To go to Ireland today was part of service to country in trying to keep communication lines open.  This is the same person who as a young girl during WWII, walked among the people with her parents and Margaret after a Nazi air raid on London.  They would not evacuate during the Blitz.  They remained firm about remaining with the people of London.  The bombs found in Ireland prior to and during her visit will not overly worry her.  She has live through worse.

Queen Elizabeth has been the first British Monarch to visit Ireland since 1911.  Although a truce was accomplished and a kind of settlement has lasted until some recent unrest, many Irish will not be satisfied until Britain abandons the last 6 counties that form the Irish Republic.  Here is what she came upon.

Whatever the troubles, this is a beautiful place and to see military hardware obstruct the view of its rolling  hills and green, green grass is an abomination.

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