Arab Spring Spreads to Spain

Posted on May 21, 2011

We have no option but to vote for the two biggest parties in…, who are more or less the same. They are unable to solve any problem, it is just a nest of corruption.

Is this the opinion of a frustrated American?  No.  It comes out of Spain where the capitol, Madrid, now sees protesters camped out a la Egypt seeking not just more jobs but political change.

Is this a prelude to another Spanish civil war?  Does it portend civil protests in other European capitals?  Why do we think the urge to change governments will not hit the street as it did in Cairo – and with success.

Are we seeing the death of the vote and the rise of mob rule?

These are questions that more study and more time may be needed to answer.  Meanwhile, here is the BBC report from Madrid:

Tens of thousands of Spanish protesters are continuing to defy a government ban by camping out overnight in a square in the capital, Madrid.

The protesters are angry with the government’s economic policies and have occupied the Puerta del Sol area of the city for the past week.

Here, readers in Spain describe the scene at the protests and their reaction to the demonstrations.  Read the remainder of the article here.

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