China in Pakistan

Posted on May 22, 2011

When news reached us today that a base in Pakistan was under attack by terrorists, it was discovered that a small number of Chinese engineers were working there.

And now the fact that China may fall heir to gold mining rights formerly held by Canada who had developed the mine over time has emerged:

Pakistan may give gold mining rights to Chinese

By Gurmukh Singh ,Toronto, May 18 :

Toronto-based Barrick Gold Corp. , along with Chile’s Antofagasta, has spent years in exploring the precious metal in the mine, according to a report from Islamabad Tuesday.

The Reko Diq mine holds vast deposits of gold and copper and a feasible study says it will take half a century to extract its reserves.

“Analysts say the risk that a Chinese company could scoop up the license grew dramatically this month when US commandos shot Osama bin Laden. In the political aftermath of the raid, Pakistan abruptly turned away from the West and renewed its friendship with China,” according to the report in the Globe and Mail Tuesday.

The report said the Pakistani military “appears to view the mine as a bargaining chip when dealing with China, which supplies weapons and nuclear assistance to its neighbour.”

It quotes Talal Akbar Bugti, Baloch tribal leader who controls the mine territory, as telling a Canadian delegation recently, “You (Canada) have a problem. Pakistan’s military wants the Chinese as strong allies, and our mines will get offered up to keep them happy.”  [read remainder of article here]

China continues to move toward capturing the lion’s share of the earth’s minerals and contracts for their engineers to work on infrastructure.

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