Mud and Mahem: Gardens 2011 Rochester, NY

Posted on May 25, 2011

It has rained almost every day during this spring of 2011 and it has been cold.  It has not become apparent to SamHenry that the gradens around this humble home have become elaborate.  Old age teaches many lessons and the loss of energy to do what one used to do without thinking is something to be reckoned with. Suddenly what has been created over 7 years (and in competition with my neighbor and best buddy, “SalPal) is overwhelming.  All SalPal and I do is talk over the fence about how we just don’t  have the energy we formerly enjoyed. Even our dogs have slowed and are turning gray.

I had a wonderful young man who swore he had enough people he could bring in that the job would not take more than a couple of days.  I tried to tell him it might take more especially when he had a job at a restaurant and a mowing service.  But what does SamHenry know.

I finally got him used to the rain and working in it.  I had to explain that true  professional who knows he has only 5 months  in which to make the bulk of his income works in the rain, it was not happy news.

At the time I was doing all of this, a good friend’s German shepherd rushed at Imp who turned to go back into the house and ripped a hole in her side as a result.  I was so tired yesterday of fielding one crisis  after another that I was goofy with overtired.  At night on my job I had a caller from Maryland who was from India.  He was having trouble with his remote control.  I had to say it:  “You’re from India?  Aren’t you supposed to be helping me with tech issues”?

Well as I head out on a million errands up in Rochester today, I will be passing by some beautiful gardens here.  Enjoy.

Tree peony from the Linwood Gardens Collection

Rhododendrons and red bud trees in bloom

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