Animal Cruelty Winner: Dog Shot 40 Times and Buried Alive – And Survives

Posted on May 27, 2011

This is the shocking scene rescuers came upon.

A STRAY dog which had 40 gunshot wounds and was buried alive has sparked international outrage.The female cross-breed, which has been named Star, was discovered by police officers in Malta after they heard faint whimpers coming from a bush.The dog had been blasted – probably with a shotgun – and buried in   grave – but had managed to partially wriggle free and get her nose above ground.

Officers who rescued the dog believe the animals survival instincts saved it from suffocating – and have launched an investigation to trace those responsible for Star’s appalling treatment.

Star was found near spectacular cliffs at Ghar Hasan, at the southern tip of the island, buried alive and bleeding, with her nose and mouth tied with rope and bullet wounds in her head.

Police rushed her to hospital where she miraculously survived, despite doctors having to remove 40 gun pellets from her head.

Maltese citizens outraged by the blatant act of heartless cruelty have called for the government to strengthen animal cruelty laws. [Daily Record]

Star was fortunate.  But here in the US,  Molly a yellow lab abused over a long period of time and buried alive in 2008 was not so fortunate:

A yellow Labrador named Molly had to be euthanized Friday after she was struck in the head with a hammer and buried alive.

Forest Grove police Officer Matt Smith, responding to a 9-1-1 call by neighbors about 4 p.m., could hear Molly yelping a block away.

He and another officer found her in the 2200 block of Laurel Street buried up to her neck and with a head injury. “It was pretty shocking,” Smith said.

The dog’s owner, Susan Johnson, 49, and another resident of the home, Hyrum Long, 75, told Smith they had tried to euthanize the dog because she was suffering from a disease. Long told Smith he hit the dog with a hammer and buried her before he and Johnson went to dinner.

No charges have been filed. Smith said an investigation continues. Johnson and Long could not be reached Saturday.

Smith and another officer dug out Molly, and animal control officers took her to an Oregon Humane Society medical facility.

“She was absolutely suffering before the blow to the head,” veterinarian and center director Kris Otteman said. She said she had no choice but to euthanize Molly. The owners could have taken Molly to a shelter or had her euthanized for free, Otteman said. []

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