Obama and West Don’t Have a Clue about What is Going on in Middle East – EX-CIA Officer

Posted on May 30, 2011

Vacation interrupted to post this interesting column that appeared in this Sunday’s Telegraph in the UK:

“Obama and West Don’t Have a Clue About What is Going On in the Middle East”- Ex-CIA  Officer

David Cameron and Barack Obama ”don’t have a clue” about dealing with the war on terror, a former senior member of the CIA has claimed.

Michael Scheuer: Hay Festival 2011: ex-CIA man claims Barack Obama 'doesn't have a clue'

Former head of the CIA Michael Scheuer talks about Osama bin Laden at the Hay Festival  Photo: PA
7:30AM BST 30 May 2011

Speaking at The Daily Telegraph-sponsored Hay Festival, Michael Scheuer said western politicians had to accept that the conflict in the Middle East was caused by US foreign policy.

Mr Scheuer, the former head of the CIA’s Osama bin Laden unit said that the terrorist and organisations such as al-Qaeda were fighting a war against US imperialism rather than a war on western culture.

”American politicians, and I’m afraid listening to Mr Cameron this week, there’s not a clue about what’s going down in the western world,” he told the festival.

”They can’t cope with the fact that it’s nothing to do with the way we live. It doesn’t have anything to do with elections or democracy or liberty.

”We are being attacked in the west and we will continue to be attacked in the west as long as we are in Afghanistan, as long as we support the Israelis, as long as we protect the Saudi police state.”

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