Media Is Picking Prez Candidate For Republicans And It’s Romney – er Make that Palin

Posted on May 31, 2011

In a guest piece on the CNN website,  David Frum speaks to the allure of Palin for the press over against a man he sees as the more qualified candidate for the presidency and the one supposedly out front, George Romney.  But many have had their fill of the plastic, robot-like man waiting confidently in the wings.

Palin is “mezmerizing.”  She is just a natural with the media – it goes beyond savvy.  But many have had their fill of her almost child-like behavior when it comes to keeping the world guessing what her next move will be or what her status will be when she gets there.  She is like the Cheshire cat.  Suddenly she materializes on the back of a Harley, then she is on a bus touring the US with a route unpublished no doubt for security reasons.  And she can be kind of giddy and sparkley in a gushing immature fashion.  Then again she appears smile in place at another book signing.  Now she has had more and more air time on FOX to add to her resume.

Somewhere between Romney and Palin there is some kind of serious candidate that is missing – the one the independent voter is waiting for.  That person will have the credentials in government of  a Romney without some of the liberal health care trappings; will have the charisma of Palin and Obama nailed down but be stronger in character and integrity than any candidate so far.  And that does not include any Republican now contemplating or having declared.

Could it be the esteemed governor of New Jersey who even now is being besieged by politicos begging him to run?  Or could it be someone we have not yet even thought of?  Whichever it is – Governor Christy or Candidate Not Yet Thought Of, SamHenry’s money is on either.  We need a fresh assault on Obama and his machine.  That is what it will take in the end to overcome a group that can turn on a dime and out flank the media and the opposition – or so they think.  First get that database at Republican National Headquarters revved up and then beat the bushes for a new candidate for a new day.

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