Pets and Children – Good for Politicians; Bad for Actors Palin on Tour 2011

Posted on June 2, 2011

There’s that old saw in the theatre:  never play opposite children or animals – they will upstage you every time – oh and add Bette Davis to that list. She could corner a camera at the bat of an eye.

Currently Sarah Palin is traveling en famille in her trendy tour bus with Piper now the lead opportunity for distraction.

CNN’s Jeanne Most did an entire piece just on “Pushy Piper”   If Mom should get the Civil War and the War of the Revolution confused, Piper is there to fend off attackers.  If the press gets too physically close, she  has been seen to literally “push back” the offending reporter or cameraman.

Palin will be in New Hampshire, home to the nation’s first presidential primary, the same day that Romney will there – coincidence of course. OR will she show up in his support?  The press builds the suspense in every line of text.

So now today, Thursday June 2,  yet another daily theory special: Palin is seen as a spoiler and Romney as “the one.”

“The shifting nature of the Republican field and a perception that the ‘perfect candidate’ candidate has not appeared, has led many New Hampshire Republicans to support the best known candidate, Mitt Romney,” says Andrew Smith, Director of the UNH Survey Center. “Romney has been the clear favorite among New Hampshire Republicans for more than two years and no other candidate has persuaded voters to move away from Romney.” [CNN]

And as Congressman Weiner fights for the sanctity of his pubic er public image, the liberal media is touting this as not only another great scandal but also hints that Republicans may be milking this for all it’s worth.

Forget what the candidates say.  Watch the press and what they say.  They are setting up all of the confrontations and issues – the entire battlefield.  No candidate does that.  Only the so-called guardian of our freedoms.  Reader beware.

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