Are Presidential Candidates Really Who and What We Think They Are?

Posted on June 3, 2011

This morning CNN’s website was now asking that religion question asked of us just before we elected JFK:  will America elect a president who embraces a faith not embraced by the majority.  The question has, in large part, been answered when Romney, better known for is more liberal leanings toward issues like health care was elected Governor of Massachusetts.

Candidates now head administratively what amount to little principalities within our country.  They are more outspoken than ever before, have minions who have enjoyed many years of employment due to campaigns at various levels run over a long period of time and are used to acting almost dictatorially over their large organization, campaign advisers and “handlers” notwithstanding.  It is only when they are elected president that they come up against the reality of the two-party system.

In light of all of this, is it any wonder that we can elect Barack Obama as a middle of the road candidate and end up with a left loving chief executive?  Not only had he developed executive-like powers over  his people but he came into an office that brought the pressures of special interest groups into his life.  So the big conflict was not that between Obama and the American voters.  The big conflict was between Obama and the military-industrial complex, selected powerful allies and now of course that great unknown with which we all now deal, China.  And these “players” began their “infiltration” during the funding of the campaign.

In short, the great difficulty will not be overcoming Mr. Romney’s religion or Sarah Palin’s maverick ways.  It will be the powers that be in Washington these days.  They are who and what we the people are really up against.  And how do we identify never mind gauge the power of these groups?  They are the ones running Congress and the White House.

Let’s not get too fond of the oratory this time around but sniff out the people behind the man or woman and their connectivity in Washington. But foremost among those we need to demand of our candidates is that they will try to  entertain the notion that those powers in DC that never change and never sleep will be identified and exposed. This is where the real change is needed and we need strong candidates to take this on.

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