Political Penis Disorder Syndrome – On the “Rise”

Posted on June 7, 2011

Female political hopefuls take heart.  The growing number of  penises of the politically powerful that are found to be out of control and dictating behaviors in the public sector has become an identifiable problem.  The clusters of cases found on Capitol hill should lead to clinical trials and thence to the founding of a new discipline, Political Penis Disorder.  Already sexual addition has been identified as inflicting more men than women. This sub-category will do doubt be sanctified.

Voters are about hit the streets demanding that it be studied.  We’ve lost too many good politicians to member malfeasance. It is hoped that the Weiner mess will open another front for clinical trials.  The big question to be answered:  What distortion of image exists to make a man overlook the direction is penis is taking him as he sets up for camera shots of the beloved instrument?  Where is that warning voice?  (See the Conan O’Brien video here.)

Thank God the Weiner mess is over, that “Ahnald”  Schwarzenegger’s wife is in a hotel well out of the way of his problem and that there is a Hillary to keep Bill Clinton’s better image in play.  It will no doubt become part of Obama Care to have coverage for  this.  Pay attention to the men who vigorously push this legislation or who defend Clinton as one of our best presidents who had a weakness.  Well men, it was not exactly his Achilles’ heel.  Let’s be  up front about this.

The only thing SamHenry is guilty of in this post is making fun of a serious problem:  a lack of judgment on the part many of our leaders.

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