A Dyslexic Attempts to Live Past the Weiner Scandal

Posted on June 10, 2011

If you are dyslexic as is SamHenry, a strong imagination and past suggestion can wreak havoc on the understanding of a text being currently read.  Having closely followed the details of  “Weinergate” (of course for journalistic reasons) hoping for more openness in government, the descriptor of the private part the prurient politician distributed via the internet kept popping up after  having been brought to the fore in the psyche.

The first major misreading of a text came in connection with coverage of Kate and Wills’ first official engagement as a married couple.

The couple don’t disappoint.  But Sam had difficulties correctly deciphering the descriptor under one photograph:

Poor Sam, she read the text that accompanied the above photo as:

Star attraction: William and Kate didn’t disappoint on their first official pubic engagement as a married couple.

Oh, dear.  Sam then went on to a story about J.K. Rowling and her husband, Neil Murray, who are tearing down a neighboring house to make way for a garden “folly” to be styled after Hagrid’s hut in the Harry Potter movies.

In the body of the text of the article was this sentence:

Rowling famously started out as a penniless single mother, living off £70-a-week in benefits and scribbling her stories on napkins in an Edinburgh cafe.

Sam read the above as:

Rowling famously started out as a penisless single mother….

Sam hopes this wretched story soon dies a natural death so that she may return to a more acceptable interpretation of her readings.

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