SAMHENRY’S Monday Musings

Posted on June 13, 2011

The British Royals pride themselves in recycling their old clothing.  It is admirable except when one has moved on to a finer taste in dress.  For example, Kate Middleton in 2009:

The recycle in 2011

So where are THE FIRM storing their old clothes?  Kate gave the original hat to this outfit to her Mum.  One less thing for storage.  And so you recycle, it costs money to inventory these things, store them and then recall them when needed.  Imagine the computer program for that.  Far more cost effective to give them away to those who could benefit from them or to sell them to the highest bidder.  In Kate’s case, her Mum.

And William?  Since his wedding, he has worn that uniform relating to the Irish Guards at least 4 times.  He looks good in it – especially on horseback.  However, it was nearly a case of beaver overboard:

Is Kate giggling or smelling William?

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