Specter of Chaos in Europe as Greek People Riot in Athens

Posted on June 16, 2011

“A government reshuffle is like cooking different foods in the same pot,” exclaimed a woman in the crowds.  She went on the explain that it is a mechanism that was used in their grandfathers’ day and that the people will not accept it now.

Stock markets in Europe plunged on fears there will be another Greek bailout.  One wonders which EU country will be next.

But while Europeans are primed to expect the inevitable chaos that this can bring to their own banking systems, here in the US all of this is reported as if it is playing out in a colony on the moon.  What happens here when unemployment benefits truly run out?  If the Canucks in Vancouver can riot over a Bruins victory, it would be a short fuse that could ignite a Fiscal crisis on either side of the Canada/US border.

Sadly, the recently signed Financial Reform Bill 2011 does not in fact end bailouts as billed.  What happens when the US people are finally asked to endure austerity programs in order to repay debt?  As the Greeks taught us a thing or two about democracy, so they will have taught us what being chained to programs of austerity is really like.  As one man put it is not a question of politics.  It is that the soul is enslaved.”  This summer as we enjoy a respite from the harsh reality of winter and fiscal crisis, concern has given way to runaway apathy.  In the fall, let us hope that voices will be raised against further expenditures.



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