And Now Sex at 85 MPH – Partially Naked; Partially in the Back Seat

Posted on June 18, 2011

There’s the mile high club where couples risk “exposure” while having sex in the cramped bathrooms of  jumbo and lesser jets.  Now comes the following police report:

“At the time of the collision, Defendant was going 85 miles per hour.” (Paragraph 10)
“At the time of the collision, Defendant was having sex with a female.” (Paragraph 12)
“At the time of the collision, Defendant was driving admittedly drunk.” (Paragraph 13)
“At the time of the accident, Defendant was partially or totally in the backseat of the car.” (Paragraph 14)

Couples are not waiting for the next blackout or civil disturbance or word of the end of the world.  No, convinced that they will live forever after all they have survived during the past two years, they are going at it full tilt as it were and SamHenry is here to report the news of it.  Sam has given up on creative writing and is into  just “straight” reporting.

And in conclusion, there IS now sex in the midst of civil uprising.  Witness Vancouver this week:

Shock and awe followed.

‘I can’t believe that’s us in that picture’

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